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Teaching Philosophy

I teach with empathy, I teach with courage, joy, gratitude and care. I am body inclusive, and welcoming of all abilities, genders, races, and backgrounds. Dance is emotional just as much as it is physical. I teach thoroughly and without cutting corners, I promote healthy training by encouraging consistency and positivity in the classroom. I aim to inspire strong, happy, and competent dancers wherever I teach.


About Annie's Class

Annie’s fusion class combines the technical elements of ballet and the groundedness of modern with a splash of commercial spice. Dancers can expect a thorough, dynamic warm up from head to toe aimed to center and prepare the body and mind for choreography. To Annie, class is sacred. A place of exploration, growth, failure and triumph. A space for research,  intrigue, and most of all safety. Too often are we swept up in the outcome of the choreography and lose sight of why we take class in the first place. To grow. In class, dancers will be challenged physically, musically and mentally all within the confines of complete safety and support.

Private Lessons

In Person: $100 an hour
Online: $75 an hour
Group of 3 or more: $45 an hour per person

Masterclasses: Send Inquiry for estimated rate

Competition Choreography

Solos: $600  (2, 2 hour sessions)
Duets: $750- (3, 2 hour sessions)

Groups: Email for additional info

***Number of rehearsals are flexible!
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